Who is Vista Fiber?

We specialize in connecting business, condos, and apartment complexes to our highly reliable fiber optic network, allowing you to experience the Internet like it should’ve always been: Fast, Affordable, and Reliable. 

The fiber optic Internet we provide is a completely different set of physical cables (called strands) in the ground that are not all dependent on conventional cable (made of copper). Now, you finally have the choice to switch away from your cable provider for Internet access. Not only that, but you have access to Internet speeds that either were simply not offered by your cable provider or prohibitively expensive.

In addition to that, Fiber optic Internet is less susceptible to outages due to lightning strikes, downed utility poles, and other incidents that tend to happen to your cable service.
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Do I Need Fiber Internet?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not you need fiber internet service as compared to conventional cable internet. Perhaps the top three reasons you’d want fiber is the incredible speed increase, the high reliability, and the future proofing element fiber gives. We want to help you understand the key […]

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