Vista Fiber vs Cox / MediaCom / CenturyLink

Fiber optic internet allows speeds up to 10 times faster than conventional cable internet and over 100 faster than DSL. How is this possible? Fiber internet is actually light travelling through the cables, as opposed to electricity travelling trouble copper cables (IE where the name “cable” comes from).

Not only is fiber internet faster, but the reliability is superior because it’s much less susceptible to lightning during thunderstorms and if the cables are physically severed, the signal is able to re-route itself using other parts of the network that aren’t affected by the outage. This is not the case with cable internet, as you probably already know quite well.
Traditional Internet service providers (ISP) you’ll find in the Florida panhandle all have a poor track record in the areas that are most important to all of us as customers; price, speed, reliability, etc. The problem is that we don’t have the option to switch because there’s generally only one choice for your ISP. We're here to solve that problem.

Our network is built to support high-demand business that can’t afford downtime and high-density residential where your tenants and guests expect fast, reliable Internet access 24/7. All of the equipment we install at your location is state of the art and was selected by our experienced network engineering team to prioritize reliability and performance, as well as ensure a seamless fit for your environment.

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