Why Fiber?

Many of our business clients install fiber internet at their location when downtime is simply not an option or they're tired of the poor reliability that their existing ISP provides.

Highly reliable

The redundancy in fiber lines comes from it's physical design where if one line is severed, the signal is able to re-reoute itself using other lines that aren't affected.


We offer plans with dedicated internet speeds, meaning you get exactly what you pay for, all the time. Pay for 100, get 100.
Not a fraction of that. 

High bandwidth apps

With many of our critical business programs and apps now running from the cloud, a connection strong enough to handle that Internet traffic is essential. Fiber is the easy choice. 

How Does it Work?

We are still big proponents of face to face meetings. We'd love to have you at our office in Destin or come to yours. Our setup process is such that you won't experience any downtime, we simply flip the switch and you're connected.
Schedule a Meeting
We bill you directly.
We handle all setup.
We handle all technical support.
No overage costs or hidden fees.
24/7 monitoring included.

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