Fiber Optic Internet Service

Our clients on 30a all have the same set of complaints; Mediacom and CenturyLink are both overpriced, unreliable, and (perhaps worst of all) slow. That’s why our team here at Vista Fiber decided to provide our clients in Santa Rosa Beach and all along 30a a new option; highly reliable and incredibly fast fiber optic internet.

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More Details

If you’re ready to make the switch away from conventional cable, here’s a few more important details we like to share ahead of time:

  • Our internet service does not have usage (bandwidth) caps like most other providers.
  • Our internet service is available with or without TV service. Local and national TV services are available to stream online on any device via your internet plan at an additional cost from 3rd party providers like YouTube TV, Hulu TV, DirectTV, and more.
  • Construction, installation, and setup often take 90 days to complete, so call or email us to get started today! 

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